About The Fringe Center

Fringe Stage - hosting shows and plays, art shows, music and dance performances.

Every person in Israel has the “right for culture” - the right to create and consume culture.

We believe that acknowledgement of culture and sports, as the fundamental values of the individual and the society, contributes to forming a healthy and high quality society.

This premise is the guideline to our target - to provide cultural answer for every audience and every age.  

The fringe cultural center, or as we call it - The Fringe Stage - is the stage for this culture.

Apart from our original quality productions, the centers visitors can enjoy our guests shows, the art exhibitions and music shows.

Over the years we were proud to host many guest shows, as - “The Miser, Where?”, “King Of Israel”, “Belongs”, “The Hearing”, and many more.

Hosting guest shows helps us to import a different culture. as a part of our goal to scatter the wilderness, we have to import cultural value by hosting different shows, and exposing our audience to various fringe contents.

Every holiday we present children plays, which brings out important values and deals with popular subjects - acceptance, imagination, dreams, and more.


Our musical experience began about 3 years ago, with Arkadi Duchin show. since then, the sky's are the limit, and Israeli best Artists come to proforme in our cultural center, from Jane Bordeaux to Yochanan Kersel.

Furthermore, our goal is giving stage for young southern artists, to express themselves and their art.



The Fringe Center Crew:

  Yoav Michaeli // Artistic Manager

+972-8-6466657 (extension 6)


Uria Yechezkel // Fringe Center Director & Head

+972-8-6466657 (extension 5)

[email protected]



Liora Udiz // Artistic Producer of the dance week

[email protected]

Liran Michaeli // Entrepreneur and Artistic
Manager of the dance award

[email protected]



Uri Perez // Gallery curator


[email protected]




Itzik Menasherov // House Technician and

Maintenance manager


Miri Avraham // Duty Manager


Chen Gez // Duty Manager

Osnat Avital // Cashier


Amir Moyal // Usher and Cashier

Yenon Perez // Usher and Cashier

Yafit Iskov // Usher

Einav Ben-Old // Usher and Cashier


Sofi Havkin // Usher


Nofar Kemarleker // Usher

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