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Soap Opera

Monday, June 10 2019 17:00
Event duration 40 minutes
Part of subscription :פרינג'דודס
price 50 - 60 ₪

About the show

The story of two bubbling characters whose world is based on soap bubbles and fun.

Their interaction creates a huge bubble party that drives the audience crazy.

A couple of Babelishes embark on a bubbling adventure, creating different situations and visiting imaginary places in the use of objects, music and of course the M-and-bubble soap bubbles !!!

The play won the Audience Award at the 2014 Life Sculptures Festival.



Actress and creator: Lee Nahat Shalom

Actresses: Lee Nahat Shalom, Neta Polak

Director: Noam Rubinstein

Costume: Lee landed peace

Photo credit: Boaz Nir Shalom

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